'No Offense' is a satirical, animated short film. It was released in early 2016.


In a dystopian setting, cartoonists are mercilessly executed for offending those in power. One of them refuses to accept his fate.

Director's note

'No Offense' is a reaction to the attack on Ali Farzat, a Syrian cartoonist whose hands were broken because of his critical portrayal of his president.

While I was writing, designing and animating this film, other creators were less lucky: a Russian had to flee his country for painting Putin in lingerie, a French cartoonist was put on trial for insulting the pope, North Korea threatened war over a Kim Jong-Un persiflage and the tragic raid on Charlie Hebdo took the level of violence against artists to a terrifying new level.

Although I think the difference between freedom of speech and deliberate, respectless provocation could be up for debate, the use of aggression in response should not. I intend 'No Offense' to be a warning sign for this absurd, depressing future, where the offended rely on violence as a natural answer to their offenders.

I offer my apologies to those who feel hurt, targeted or stigmatised by any interpretation of this film.

Kris Borghs,

Running time


Cast & crew

Writer & Director
Kris Borghs

Geert Van Goethem
Linda Sterckx

Storyboarder / designer / animator
Kris Borghs

Gerard Alsteens
Thijs Kennis
Karel De Wolf
Wim Houben
Kris Borghs
Frodo Kuipers
Wim Tilkin
Tom Van Gestel
Koen De Koninck

Voice main character
Herwig Ilegems

Script consultant
Frodo Kuipers

Matte painter
Joris Bergmans

Colour grader
Sofiane Mehelleb

Sound designer
Senjan Jansen

Foley artist
Olivier Thys

Sound engineer foley
Alexis Oscari

Sound editor
Bert Aerts

Post sync recorder
Bert Aerts
Jarek Frankowski

Sound mixer
Senjan Jansen

Recording studio foley
Dame Blanche

Post sync recording studio
Acoustic Recordings

Sound editing studio

Sound mixing studio
Studio L'Equipe

Studio L'Equipe

Production assistant
Lena Van Goethem

With thanks to
Ewin Ryckaert, Anton Roebben, Emiel Penders, Dirk Henrotay, Maarten Van Rooy, Yani Ouabdesselam, Karin Vandenrydt, Francoise Cathala, Eddy Deruwe, Ilse Thyssen, Geert Rener, Arno Castaigne, Caroline Van Kerckhoven, Dries Borghs, Miek Borghs, Michiel Borghs

With the support of
Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds (V.A.F.)

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