7BD Award - BD6NÉ FESTIVAL 2018

'No Offense' got an award in Paris from '7BD', a French video blog dedicated to comics.


- Cinemagazine (18/04/2018)

Animation Award - MANLLEU FILM FESTIVAL 2017

'No Offense' won the official animation section in Manlleu (Spain).

Audience Award - FILMFEST EBERSWALDE 2017

'No Offense' got the 'Publikumspreis, kategorie Animationsfilm' in Eberswalde (Germany).

Grand Prix - TOFUZI 2017

'No Offense' got the 'Grand Pix' at the International Festival of Animated Films in Batumi (Georgia).

Blu-Ray & DVD Release

'No Offense' is on the 23rd 'SELECTED SHORTS' compilation, distributed by Dalton.

-Review: dvdinfo.be (19/11/2017)

Video on Demand - JEF

'No Offense' is part of the Belgian JEF catalogue, a video on demand platform for educational purposes.

The film can be streamed through their short film channel. A set of guidelines is included to analyse and discuss the film's content with high school students.

Audience & Jury Award - BORDEAUX / PONTARLIER 2017

'No Offense' won two awards in France:

-the 'Prix du Jury' at the Festival Européen du Court Métrage de Bordeaux
-the 'Prix du Public' at the Festival de Cinéma d'Animation de Pontarlier

Audience Award - FICAM 2017

'No Offense' got the 'Prix du Public' at Mèknes (Marocco), ex aequo with the short film 'Silence'.


'No Offense' won the animated competition in Landshut (Germany).


'No Offense' will air on CANVAS (04/03/17, 22:30) and BeTV (10/03/17, 08:15).

Audience Award - IKL 2016

'No Offense' was voted 'Best Animated Short Film' at the International Short Film Festival Leuven (Belgium).

IKL interview

- Cinevox (09/12/2016)

Review - Les Sommets du Cinéma d'Animation

- Panorama-Cinéma (08/12/2016)

Ensor Award - FFO 2016

'No Offense' won the 'Ensor' for 'Best Animated Short Film' at the Oostende Film Festival (Belgium).
All nominated films were produced by S.O.I.L.

Early reviews

- Cinergie.be (31/03/2016)
- Kortfilm.be (09/02/2016)

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